Quite possibly the most exhilarating views I have seen thus far in my exploration of California are from the Pirate’s Cove Lookout in Avila Beach, California. We arrived here after visiting Morro Bay on our way down to Southern California.

To get here, take the US Highway 101 south then exit on 196. Make a right on San Luis Bay Drive then you will reach a “T” intersection. Make a right on Avila Beach Drive and continue until eventually, you will reach a point where you can make a left turn to go uphill. Take that road which is Cave Landing Road and drive all the way to the end. There is a dirt parking lot where you can park your car and you can take a short hike to take in the views. You can either walk to the left or right. This is the path to the left.

Spring is so beautiful. The above-photo would have looked so much more plain I think without the vibrant yellow from the flowers and the green from the shrubs with the blue ocean and sky backdrop. This path leads you down to Pirate’s Cove Beach, which is a clothing optional section of Avila Beach.

Walk down the old, wooden steps to the left and take in this closer view of the California coast.

There is also a path to the right from the parking lot which takes you to the side facing the Pacific Ocean. The views from here were just as beautiful! There were so many flowers in this area. Perhaps it was the flowers or maybe the pines, but I kept smelling the fragrant smell of honey as I walked around. We were here at around 1:30PM-3PM when the sun was high up above, yet the temperature was cool and breezy.

Pacific side rock formations

Aside from the naturesque views, this sight was super interesting to see as well. Can you believe these people were walking on this wire or rope from one rock to the other?!

I hope you will get the opportunity to visit this place while in California. It is truly a place that I highly recommend!