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Welcome to Simply-California.  This site exemplifies all that is California – beauty, nature, diversity, food, and much more.  Join me as we explore the Golden State and guide you through extraordinary places to see, adventures to embark on, tantalizing food to eat, as well as helpful tips to get you on your way whether a tourist, short term visitor looking for an authentic local experience, or a native-lover of California.  Enjoy!

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Exploring California - My visit to Venice

Venice is electric!  While Malibu is one of my favorite places to photograph because it is lively, has plenty of wall art, and the sunsets; Venice has[...]

Exploring California - My visit to Malibu

Malibu, California is a place that does not need any introduction. It is a city well-known as a residence of Hollywood movie stars and is[...]

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The 17 Mile Drive through Pebble Beach is one of my most favorite places in California for its beauty is one of a kind. It[...]

Exploring California – My visit to a Mermaid Dive Bar - Sacramento

I visited a Dive Bar, literally! This one involves a mermaid and is located on K Street in downtown Sacramento. It’s funny how I discovered[...]

Exploring California - The Tower Cafe in Sacramento

Several times I have passed by the tower cafe in Sacramento and I noticed how busy it always is with a long line going out the[...]