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Welcome to Simply-California.  This site exemplifies all that is California – beauty, nature, diversity, food, and much more.  Join me as we explore the Golden State and guide you through extraordinary places to see, adventures to embark on, tantalizing food to eat, as well as helpful tips to get you on your way whether a tourist, short term visitor looking for an authentic local experience, or a native-lover of California.  Enjoy!

Get to Know California

Exploring California - Sutter's Fort, Sacramento

This Sutter fort in Sacramento was  a unique experience! Johann Augustus Sutter - This man was largely responsible for the development of early California. Have you[...]

Exploring California – My Recipe for Heart of Banana in Coconut Milk

Filipino, coconuts and bananas have so much recipe usage. This Filipino heart of banana recipe is a must-try! I love the combination of the sourness[...]

Exploring California – My Visit to Hedge Creek Falls in Dunsmuir

Dunsmuir is a city about 3.5 hours north of Sacramento via the I-5 North. It’s a small city if measured by population - there is[...]

Exploring California - A Favorite Taco Recipe

This is the most scrumptious favorite taco recipe I made and I try to make new ones every week or so. Sauce for the Fish taco recipe: [...]

Exploring California - A Hike To The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge hike is quite nature focused surprisingly.  The bridge itself was the very first landmark my family and I visited when we[...]