Bodega Bay is most known as the site of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, The Birds. It is a small inlet along the Pacific Coast in the beautiful county of Sonoma, about an hour and a half drive northwest of San Francisco. We spent a day here during Thanksgiving weekend. I love the sea breeze, the ocean, and fresh seafood so it was a nice stop after visiting some vineyards in the Russian River Valley.

One must savor the drive to Bodega Bay from Healdsburg around this time of year, for it is just as beautiful. You will pass through vast, green hilly fields with views of cows, horses, and barns. As you enter the city of Bodega Bay via US-1, make a left on Bay Flat Road then continue onto Westshore Road, and you almost get a 360 degree view of the bay.

At the marina, we came upon perfectly lined up fishing boats and stacked crab pots.

It was interesting to see how these crustaceans are caught: watch this video. After walking around the marina and taking some pictures, it was lunch time at Spud Point Crab Co. directly across the street.  This is not a formal sit-down restaurant but they are popular for their home-made clam chowder, shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon, crab cakes, and boiled crabs. They have a large cooker right outside the shop to cook live crabs.

In front were some picnic tables and chairs. The line was long and it was busy while we were there. We had to share ours with two other people (which we did not mind at all) But this place is definitely a must try when visiting Bodega Bay. The boiled crab and the clam chowder were delicious!

After lunch, we continued our drive on Westshore Road all the way to the top of the mountain for the most gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean on the west side, where the water stretches out as far as the eyes can see until it kisses the sky.

Then if you hike (or drive) over to the east, you get the crescent shape view of land that is home to the Doran Regional Park.

It was definitely one Sunday well spent!