Since the weather was sunny and in the 70s this weekend, I was super excited to explore the UC Davis arboretum and the temple coffee roasters.  The University of California Davis is a beautiful 5,300 acres college campus that is only about 30 minutes away from me. It contains the UC Davis Arboretum, which is 100 acres of space shared by both flora and fauna. . My brother and one of my good friends in college both studied at UC Davis for their Masters. Both have told me that the Arboretum is a must-see!

One thing that stands out when you are in Davis is that you see bicycles and bicyclists literally everywhere on campus and in the downtown area. This is not surprising because Davis is the Bicycle Capital of the U.S. as it has the highest rate of bicycle use. Naturally, a city that loves bikes is home to the United States Hall of Fame. It is a non-profit organization that promotes the history of American cycling, encourages all levels of cycling, and promotes cycling development and fitness.

I have been to Davis a few times before and I love its relaxed and small-town vibe. In terms of food, it is culturally diverse. There are choices for Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, Indian/Himalayan/Nepalese to name a few. I will be sure to try one of these restaurants next time, but on the morning of my visit I was craving hot cocoa so instead, I checked out Temple Coffee Roasters on G St and 3rd St.

First thing I noticed was how bright and vibrant this place was. Notice the free sample on the bottom left? I like free samples. This one was coffee with hints of citrus and grapefruit.

Hmmm.. Does anyone know what this gadget is called? Looks interesting 🙂

I ordered a cup of hot Mexican Chocolate and blueberry chia donut. The donut was super moist and the hot cocoa was creamy and not overly sweet. I also love that they had outdoor seating.

With my breakfast done, I drove over to UC Davis to check out the Arboretum. There is no entrance fee to the Arboretum and parking is free on the weekends. Coincidentally, The Arboretum Teaching Nursery was having a Spring Plant Sale so I followed the line of cars to park at the lot in front of it. However, it was open to members only until 11AM so I did not get to check it out. It sounded interesting though. They had almost 400 varieties and 13,000 plants available for sale.

So I walked down the path to the right of the nursery instead towards the Arboretum. I noticed that several plants were labeled with their names. In this area, they had a lot of paths where people jogged or walked their dogs. There were also several photographers, one was doing a family photoshoot.

Like this one, several spots have benches.

I really like this tree with white flowers. The petals falling imitated snowflakes.

These cherry blossoms are so beautiful.

If I were to pick a spot, it would be on this bench under the tree 🙂

Near this area is the horses stable which was fun to be at. The horses were friendly and interactive.

As I stood there taking photos, the horses must have thought that I was there to feed them because they galloped towards me on a couple of occasions and I was able to get this close up!


Tips: Parking on campus is free on the weekends but I recommend to always check the signs.

UC Davis Arboretum:

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