Several times I have passed by the tower cafe in Sacramento and I noticed how busy it always is with a long line going out the door.  Well, almost a year later, I finally got a chance to visit  and it did not disappoint.

Primarily, I love historical places because I feel like it tells a story of fortitude. If you think about it, many things have happened since the beginning of this century – wars, fires, disasters, calamities, and on the opposite spectrum, celebrations of love, families that created families, successful and disastrous rulers, etc. And so when I visit or stop by a historical place, the fashion statements it always makes me think what this particular structure went through, overcame, what it’s heard and witnessed and how amazing it is to still be standing at its site.

Such are the musings that came to my mind when I visited Tower Café, which is attached to the Tower Theater on Broadway and S. Land Park. This place has been around as 1938!


The waiting area has its own character. I especially love the arrangement and this fountain and the tropical plants of the theater next door.

The best way for me to describe this place is that it is very sensory. When I walked in, immediately my heart felt the festive atmosphere, heard the excited chatter of guests, saw such beautiful decorations representing different cultures around the world (and add to that, Christmas), smelled the wonderful aroma of food, and my food tasted absolutely delicious!

entrance way


indoor seating with world-themed decor, plus the holiday decor for the season


the outdoor seating area

Tower Café serves globally inspired menu. I ordered the Greek scramble eggs and they make their potatoes exactly how I like it- crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Their was extra crunchy which I loved even more!

the Greek Pita scramble

I truly loved my visit here. If I can offer a tip, come early on Sunday. I came soon as they opened at 8AM. The café was already starting to fill out by the time I walked in, and when I walked out, the line that I often see when I drive past was already forming- a testament as to how good this place is!