Malibu, California is a place that does not need any introduction. It is a city well-known as a residence of Hollywood movie stars and is frequently photographed in magazines. Malibu is about 1 hour west of Los Angeles.

There is something about the open road that just resonate endless possibilities and adventure, as well as elicit interesting conversations. In 2014, we visited the Italian countryside of Tuscany and was glad that we opted to rent a car to go explore instead of purchasing those group tours. Yes we got lost driving to Rome and back in our little Fiat but it is one of my best memories- navigating Italy with an old-fashioned map (unfortunately we did not have the foresight to reserve a GPS with the rental).

This weekend we had the opportunity to drive around Southern California once more. California has many picturesque views to offer a photography lover like me. One of my favorite drives is through the coastal cities via the PCH or Pacific Coast Highway.

I have been to Malibu before for a hike and to tour the Getty Villa (which I highly recommend by the way), however this time I was craving the corn on the cob served at Cafe Habana so off to Malibu we went.

This Grilled Corn Mexican Style as it is called on the menu is essentially hot corn on the cob covered in cotija cheese and cayenne pepper squeezed with lime juice. It is creamy from the crumbly melting cheese, and spicy from the pepper. The sourness from the lime juice brings out the sweetness of the corn.

Truly the flavors are delicious. I also had ripe plantains aka platanitos as well as cafe con leche.

I like this place because it is casual, and has an easy-going vibe much like California  as well as a sightly tropical vibe and food selection although not an accurate depiction nor incarnate of it.  Nothing beats family home cooking or hole-in-the-wall local spots.

Café Habana is co-owned by Randy Gerber and is supposedly frequented by him and his wife, Cindy Crawford to entertain friends. The restaurant is located at a small shopping area. If you are into shopping, feel free to browse around after.

Post lunch headed south and stopped by the Malibu Pier, which is only 3 minutes away from the restaurant. It was a warm and sunny Sunday so took advantage of the weather. The pier itself does not have much in terms of things to do. At the end there is a gift shop, a restaurant and a coffee shop.

However,  from the pier itself it does offer a clear view of the Malibu coastline, and on top of the cliffs are scattered mansions.

As we continued our drive south down to Venice Beach, we watched this gorgeous sunset from PCH. Truly, for its beauty alone, I feel lucky to be able to call this state “home.” More photos of my Southern California road trip soon!