I visited a Dive Bar, literally! This one involves a mermaid and is located on K Street in downtown Sacramento. It’s funny how I discovered this place. On the day after Thanksgiving, my sister and I were looking for something different to do when Kenneth nonchalantly mentioned this bar with mermaids downtown. I said, Mermaids? Are you joking?  He said no. He then proceeded to tell me that on one of his afternoon bike rides (he is an avid bicyclist) downtown, he noticed a lady in a mermaid costume “waddle” into a building.  His mere description had me laughing, it certainly caught my attention and interest. So I searched the internet, found the place, and called to reaffirm they in fact had mermaids in probably one of the weirdest phone conversations I’ve had that went something like this:

Me:  Hi! Is this the Dive Bar?

Guy:  Yes, this is!

Me:  Uhhm, do you have mermaids there? (lol)

Guy:  We certainly do!

Me: What time do they swim? (lol)

Guy:  This evening from 5:30-6:00. Come on down!

So off the three of us went to check out the bar with mermaids.

The entrance appeared to be like any other bar.

As you walk in, you are treated to this beautiful chandelier that gives off a classy, almost princess vibe and lights up the DJ booth and dance floor area.

The tank, which is 40 ft long x 6 ft high is located directly above the bar. There are several mermaids that take turns each night to swim in this tank, from one end to the other, putting on a performance with the help of some props such as a skull.

The night I was there, it was filled with people watching a football game, but mainly the foot traffic was of course to see the main attraction. Like me, a lot had their cameras out taking videos and photos. I posted a video in my Instagram page of the mermaid swimming. Overall, I found this place to be impressive, definitely high on originality. What about you? Do you have any favorite hangout spot in your area? What makes it unique? Please share!