There is a walking journey for all to embark on and see beaches, river-trails, secret forests, parks galore and so much more. Some of these nature and forest areas look like a scene right out of legend of zelda for the snes.    The thing about Sacramento is that while it is the capital of California, it still has a small town vibe and many hidden gems.  These areas are great as they are available and can be appreciated whether on foot, bike, skates and by oneself or friends and family etc.  The downtown area is not particularly huge so it is a great to get your steps in and exercise during the day. The Tower Bridge often catches my eye. It is visible from the Capitol facing northwest. There is also a view of it from Hwy 80 West, from Old Town Sacramento, and from the Raley Field.

One day in December, I decided to explore Old Town. I started the day with a breakfast at the Delta King, which is a floating riverboat that has been around since 1927. I was able get these shots from the there.

I continued to walk along the Sacramento River to the other side and got these shots.

Last month I also finally had the chance to check out the Golden1 Center. The arena just opened in September of 2016. It is located right downtown. Kenneth and I got some last minute tickets in the ‘nosebleed’ section. It was a basketball game between the Sacramento Kings and the New York Knicks.

As expected, the food and drinks were quite pricey. I think it was about 2-3x as much as what you would normally pay for outside of the area.

My favorite part about it was this view of city lights outside. In the summer, I think this is a nice little spot to just hang out, catch up with friends over beer for a little bit.

After watching the game, we walked to the Capitol to catch this beautiful Christmas tree adorning the front of the building 🙂


TIP: If I can recommend one thing, this is not an area to walk around at night alone as can be some shady people. Also, it can get pretty quiet and empty quickly after an event.