On the drive down to Southern California, between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara off of Highway 101 lies the city of Solvang. What makes this town such a popular tourist hot spot?  I would have to say the Danish-inspired architecture and the bakeries. How did this city came to be? Between 1850-1930, about one of every 10 Danes left Denmark in search of better economic opportunities. Most emigrated to the United States and Solvang was founded on January 23, 1911 Solvang.

It was chilly when I visited so I started the day with a cup of coffee, and a Danish pastry from Mortensen’s Bakery

Walking around gives you the feeling of exploring a European city, only you are in the heart of California.

I especially liked this windmill which I thought was very cool.

Solvang is truly a special place to explore.

After Solvang, we continued our drive down south to Los Angeles. Now this may sound cheesy but a few years ago, I watched the movie No Strings Attached with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. They walked by some street lamps that were lit up in one scene and I remember thinking, how pretty it was! I became even more excited when I found out that it was located in my home state. Since then I made a note to visit. But as you know, life happens and it gets busy so it was not until this trip that I was able to finally see it. What an amazing experience it was! The group of lamps is actually a work of art called Urban Light by artist, Chris Burden.

The lamps at daylight in the mid afternoon

This artwork is made up of restored street lamps from the 1920s to the 1930s that the artist had been collecting since 2008.

To truly appreciate the Urban Light, I would suggest staying until it becomes completely dark and you can see the progression of the lights turning on against a sky that is turning dark. Not only is the contrast intriguing but venturing into and out of this forest of streetlamps can get you some of the most amazing shots.


As the last ray of light fades, I think this place becomes even more magical.

The Urban Light is locate outside of the Museum on the side facing Wilshire Blvd and best of all, it’s free.