My mom has raved about the Berkeley Marina ever since my brother brought her and my dad here a few months ago. She has been telling me that I have to see it! This past Sunday I was finally able to. It started out with my sister texting everyone to meet at Skates on the Bay, which had me thinking, I am not really in the mood for skating. It turns out that this is actually a fresh seafood restaurant with a fantastic view. On a clear day, one can see the Bay Bridge, the city of San Francisco, and the Golden Gate bridge from one of the tables next to the window. This past Sunday, it was a bit foggy but we were entertained by several sailboats that passed by our area.

lunch appetizers (roasted pork belly and fresh fish) + beers!

After lunch, we decided to go for a walk around the marina.

Skates by the Bay is the building to the left and San Francisco is the city in the distance.

These flowers added so much beauty and elegance to these views, I couldn’t take my eyes off them!

While doing our lap around the marina, we noticed some kites in the distance so after our walk, we decided to drive over to Cesar Chavez Park to check them out.

The Berkeley Kite FestivalΒ is actually going to be held here on July 29-30 this year. If you are enamored by kites, this is the place to be!

This place is actually a nice spot too to take photos of the City. I would love to come back here on a clear evening to watch the sunset and see the lights in the city turn on in San Francisco across the bay.

Before driving to San Francisco, we made a quick stop at Caravaggio Gelateria Italiana. We were having some serious craving for some ice cream and this place has some pretty good reviews. According to them, they use a healthier fermented sugar that avoids sugar rush and crash. Also, it only contains 1/3 of ice cream fat. I had the Gianduia (hazelnut w/ chocolate), my sister had the pistachio, and mom ordered the matcha green tea. True to their word, the gelato was not super sweet but still rich and creamy. It was super delicious and I would say a must-try when in Berkeley.

My sis and I looking silly trying to get the perfect IG gelato shot! πŸ™‚

Berkeley Marina definitely caught my interest and I plan to return here again soon!