I truly love the California central coast especially with this beach cute cottage stay and adventure I embarked on.   I feel like it has the most temperate climate in the state.  It gets rain regularly throughout the year so many parts of this area stay green. And because it is on the coast, it gets the cool and refreshing ocean breeze. The topography is also exciting. It has the perfect mixture of farmlands, mountains, and beautiful beaches that is perfect for photography and outdoor activities.

I stopped by Pismo Beach on the drive down to Southern California last weekend and stayed at the newly renovated Cottage Inn By The Sea. The hotel is easily accessible. It is located right off of Highway 101. After checking in and dropping off our luggage in the room, we immediately explored the property. It was drizzling when we arrived Friday evening and a bit chilly so some guests were keeping themselves warm in front of these fireplaces.

These are the ocean view cottages. In front, there are some fireplaces which are perfect little spots to sip hot cocoa or coffee as you enjoy the view of the waves. This area is accessible to all guests staying in the property.

Front and center view of the ocean!

How cools is this flower? For some reason a jellyfish comes to mind. I wish I knew what it’s called..

The views from this hotel were really quite beautiful. It is located on a cliff wherein one side faced a mountain that was filled with yellow flowers (since it is springtime), while the other side faced the ocean and Pismo Beach.

What a dramatic sunrise!

Pismo Beach was established in 1891 but even before that, the Spanish Portola expedition passed through the area in 1769. In case you are wondering what ‘pismo’ means, the word was derived from ‘pismu’ which means tar. The Chumash Indians used tar to seal their baskets and canoes.  

Pismo Beach is also famous for clams. For the past 70 years, it has been hosting the Pismo Beach Clam Festival. Much like the Santa Cruz Clam Chowder cook-off, they also have a chowder cooking contest. 

After grabbing breakfast at the hotel we drove to the town of Morro Bay, which is a waterfront city in San Luis Obispo County. We passed by the wide, spacious farmlands I mentioned earlier. 

Gorgeous stretches of greens with grazing cows.

I was excited to see the Morro Rock especially. The rock is one of several volcanic plugs in the area. If rising, volatile-charged magma is trapped underneath the rocks, it can cause extreme pressure that sometimes leads to an explosive eruption. To me, the view conjured a place in Asia because of the activity of the tour boats around the bay.

We were not able to stay here long as we had to continue our drive down to Southern California, but this is definitely a great stop to grab lunch in front of this beautiful water.