This is my site and is about all things in California mainly pertaining to travel, food, lifestyle, tips on living and enjoying this beautiful state.  I grew up here since youth, went to college, as well as have been working and living here in both north and southern California – so I am unbiased 🙂  I enjoy every aspect in regards to to California especially the vast amounts of agriculture, environments, weather, as well as the most important thing – the people.  I have met people from all walks of life and backgrounds here and they all help to add to California in a subtle but important way.

My site is to help you whether a first time traveler here or a long time resident – to find new things to do as well as some hidden jewels and ways to enjoy, contribute/donate your time, and allow yourself to absorb the energy here and get the most out of however long you travel or live here.  In addition, sprinkled throughout here I will add my helpful tips on health, volunteering as well as lifestyle tips in relation to California as well.  Enjoy 🙂